Lead Like A Black Belt

This book shows you the secret to being a great leader, and challenges you to push yourself toward greater returns in your business and life.

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Scott’s fascinating book, Lead Like a Black Belt: Transform Your Leadership Style draws on his personal experiences over thirty years as a karate student and Master Instructor and a business leader to form his Black Belt Principles.

Find out more about Black Belt Principles and how you can use them to succeed in a leadership role. Order your copy today!

Order your copy today!

Lead Like a Black Belt is available in paperback or Kindle formats.

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Praise for Lead Like a Black Belt

In each of us, there is a leader to be found, who—like a Black Belt—can be relied upon to act with character, strength, balance and poise…to achieve aims that make the world a better place, just as this deft, daring and well-aimed book does. Written in a style that is punchy and informative, readable and worth reading, this tight little volume distills the best lessons of leadership and character from Alexander’s significant life experience. I recommend this read to anyone who wants to be that leader.

Robert B. Charles

Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State

Scott’s approach to leadership development in Lead Like a Black Belt is a breath of fresh air. Comparing the steps a martial arts student takes on the path to Black Belt with the phases a growing leader must pass through to create maximum impact was a fascinating and compelling study—one that prompted me to reflect on my own personal leadership style, and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. Scott’s passion and intensity for the subject matter comes through loud and clear—I found it to be a captivating read!

Dr. Carol Eaton, Ph.D.

President, Daytona State College

Lead Like a Black Belt shows how to apply lessons from the dojo to leading people in the workplace, the classroom and the world of sports. Like an effective kick, Scott’s book is powerful, intense and right on target. You won’t find a formula for overnight success, but if you have the vision and the discipline, you will find greater understanding and compelling new insight. Lead Like a Black Belt delivers all the wisdom of martial arts…with none of the bruises.

Marty Weedon

Maryland State Police (Ret’d)
6th Degree Master Black Belt