Through workshops, organizations get a unique opportunity to bring together all teams to learn, share new strategies, and work on specific challenges.

Scott Alexander running a workshop with a business

You can choose from an existing workshop, or let Scott know what you’re looking for in a custom-designed workshop! We also offer virtual workshops, ideal for organizations impacted by COVID. Our workshops can offer organizations the opportunity to bring together dispersed teams to work on specific challenges, learn about important topics, or gain consensus around new strategies and approaches.

Intentional Leadership – Part 1

Audience: Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents, and C-suite Executives.

What does it take to be a great leader? How do you know when you’ve gotten there? For that matter, do you have a functional understanding of what it means to “be a leader”? Today we call everyone a leader – we wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings right?!? In this interactive session we will all examine our own biases and re-define leadership in a way that everyone can implement immediately.

What to Expect

Come to this workshop prepared to interact, listen, and challenge your own thinking. Be prepared to look at Leadership in a whole new light, as you’ll take on the role of both student and teacher.


You will have a functional definition of Leadership that will change your interactions and thinking immediately. You will walk away with at least three takeaways that you can implement tomorrow. And, you will come away with more questions that will keep you moving toward being a better leader.

Leading Change Through Customer Experience

Audience: Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents, and C-Suite Executives.

Two-session virtual learning workshop on customer experience and leadership from within. Change is constant, and success or failure depends on how organizational culture is prepared to deal with that change.

What to Expect

Session 1:
An introduction to Customer Experience, key principles, and the trends that impact your organization.
Session 2:
Deep dive into what leadership means in an organization and how it impacts culture.


This two-part workshop gives you information and perspective along with some basic tools to begin the process of driving change. Attendees will be challenged to think about experiences of their customers and how to set a culture and environment that creates positive outcomes.

Mapping the Customer Journey

Audience: Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents, and C-Suite Executives

This is an introduction on what a customer journey map is, key principles of good Customer Experience management, and how to successfully map the customer journey within your organization.

What to Expect

Provides an overview of a customer journey map, the value it provides, and best practices for managing the journey map effectively. Attendees will learn the most important elements of good Customer Experience and, working in small groups, will develop basic journey maps for their organization.


Attendees will have a draft journey map ready to bring back to their organization as well as an understanding of how to succeed with the journey map tool moving forward. Attendees will also be far more fluent in critical elements of good customer experience and how to adapt them to their own organization.