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His methods of coaching will enable you to be able to stay focused on the goals you’ve set and see your strategy through to completion.

Kathy B
General Manager
Alizée Pathology
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I feel very strongly that working with Scott has improved my leadership style and my team and the bank as a whole are better off for it.

Woodsboro Bank
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I thought I knew my mission, vision, and values when I started my business, but Scott helped me gain a new level of clarity around the type of work and the type of clients I want to pursue.

Amanda H
HR Answerbox
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Scott has been instrumental in helping to develop our team to have a stronger and more relationship-minded approach. He’s a fantastic extension to our cultural development and business growth.

Monica K.
ArachnidWorks, Inc.

In every professional interaction with Scott, his ability to analyze and synthesize the strengths and challenges facing his client allow him to deploy his extensive resource toolbox to assist in developing personal, professional, and financial growth strategies.

Richard B. Weldon, Jr.
President & CEO
Frederick County Chamber of Commerce
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Scott is a great find. A solid leader. An honest man. A rare talent. A favorite partner once told me “it takes courage to make the right decisions in business”. Scott reminds me of that partner.

John Lane
Congressional Bank
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Thanks to our work with Scott, our leadership team is confident and aligned that this is the right thing to do because we’ve clearly defined who we want to be and how we want to operate.

Megan B
Sr. Director, Customer Experience
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I really found value in the team collaboration and coming to a consensus throughout the workshop with Scott. We left the workshop with very clear, short, and easy to remember directives to guide the evolution of our team.

Team Member
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I want to grow. I want to learn, and with all my heart I want to continue turning my dream into my actual life. And that’s what’s happening for me. Thanks to you.

Jenifer Demattia
Bugs, Dirt, & Mommy
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You were able to help me understand where I can improve by better understanding both myself and my team. You helped me understand the importance of clearly defining core values and a vision to inspire our team to achieve.

Andrew Mears
SVP Residential Lending
Congressional Bank
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Scott has led me to find better clarity within myself. I am proud to say that Scott is more than a coach. He’s become an advisor, a mentor, and a friend. He is one of the few that genuinely wants the best for his clients.

Chris Rapp
Triple Crown Construction
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We can honestly say that we are a better company, better leaders, and better people from having worked with Scott.

Chad E
Congressional Bank
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If you are contemplating working with Scott, I highly recommend entrusting him with your time to help you on your journey to the next step within your professional and/or personal life, whatever that may be.

Jay J